Planting Green Garlic

Today I took advantage of a sunny but cold day to plant some garlic for green garlic. For those not familiar with it, green garlic is to garlic what a green onion (or scallion) is to a mature onion. I think it sort of resembles a scallion, but the taste is all garlic. Both the green and white parts of the young garlic are edible, and it can be harvested early on before the main crop of garlic is ready.

green garlic

green garlic

Green garlic can be planted any time from fall on up through late winter and early spring. I like to use garlic that is already sprouting, which will be up and growing in no time. It is also a good way to use any of those small cloves you might have, since you’re not trying to grow a big head of garlic.

sprouting garlic for green garlic

sprouting garlic for green garlic

I prepared an area where radishes had been growing earlier, adding some compost and a little organic fertilizer (3-4-4). I planted the green garlic fairly close together, about two or three inches apart. Since the soil was fairly loose, I just poked a hole with my finger and then dropped in a clove of garlic. After they were all planted I covered them with a little soil, and then added a bit of straw for mulch.

green garlic after planting

green garlic after planting

I also sometimes grow green garlic in containers. It is easy to grow that way, and can be grown indoors or in a greenhouse to supply a little taste of green garlic even in the middle of winter.

green garlic growing in container

green garlic growing in container

I love garlic in all its forms, and my goal is to have homegrown garlic year round. With a fresh, garlicky flavor, green garlic is great way to enjoy the taste of garlic early in the season. And it’s also easy to grow!

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6 Responses to Planting Green Garlic

  1. Daphne says:

    Yum garlic. Though I have never grown garlic just for green garlic. I tend to pick it early if I’ve run out of garlic, but I haven’t done that in years.
    Daphne recently posted…Harvest Monday, 24 November 2014My Profile

  2. Margaret says:

    I’ve heard of green garlic but never grown it – I must try it some time. That’s quite surprising that you would also eat the leaves; I didn’t realize they would be that tender.
    Margaret recently posted…End of Season Review – Tomatoes – Part 2My Profile

  3. Michelle says:

    I had never thought to plant the sprouting garlic for green garlic. It seems so obvious now, duh! I love green garlic, it’s so mild you can use copious amounts.
    Michelle recently posted…Harvest Monday – November 24, 2014My Profile

  4. Mike Yaeger says:

    I’ve never grown garlic before, but after going back and reading your previous garlic posts, I’m going to give it a go next year.

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